Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

NSU offers enterprise-grade backup and disaster recovery solution ideal to protect both physical and virtual environments. NSU robust multi-tenant architecture combined with the flexibility of hybrid deployment options makes it a comprehensive cloud backup solution for SMBs. NSU is an end-to-end cloud backup and disaster recovery platform designed for the MSP and VARs, available as On-premise Software or SaaS or as a virtual appliance supporting major cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Nirvanix, OpenStack, Atmos among others.

Private Cloud Deployment

Private Cloud Deployment

Public Cloud Deployment

Public Cloud Deployment

Hybrid Cloud Deployment
Hybrid Cloud Deployment

NSU empowers MSP and VARs with the capability to proactively address the needs of different customer profiles – be it a public multi-tenant cloud or internal private enterprise cloud or even a hybrid of both. In addition, NSU delivers a fully brandable cloud backup platform that MSPs need to deploy, provision and sell Cloud Backup as a service to SMB customers.

NSU also offers additional functionality and benefits, including extended data protection for real-time business applications such as Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server

NSU for Private Cloud Environment


NSU offers private cloud backup solution which ensures high availability of data by deploying NSU Backup Server and Replication Servers in their own private cloud environments (on-premises/off-site).

NSU for Public Cloud Environments


Are you looking to provide Cloud data backup and recovery services without the headache and expense of managing a data center? We can help you.

NSU for Hybrid Cloud Environment


How about offsite replication that works with your on-premise data backup and recovery system? NSU ‘s Hybrid Cloud Solution works as the perfect Hybrid Cloud Backup Solution for MSPs and SMBs. 

Online Backup | Disaster Recovery | Server Backup | Remote Backup

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