Pricing Structure

NSU’s backup subscription pricing is based on one basic factor:

  • Amount of total backup storage used under your account in the Amazon Cloud Storage regardless of the data or server type.

Pricing for Storage Utilized in Amazon Cloud Infrastructure

Pricing for Storage: $0.90 per GB per month (On actual compressed storage rather than on original data size).

The pricing is also done in 25 GB incremental slabs. So the pricing for up to 25 GB is $22.5 per month and between 25 and 50 GB will be $45.00 per month and so on.

Our aim is to pass on the Amazon Web Services benefits as much as possible to our clients, we have made the NSU Storage pricing based on the actual data stored (by default the compressed & encrypted data uploaded by the client) rather than on the original data size.

What is the advantage of paying for actual compressed storage used rather than the original data size?

By default NSU agents compress the data being backed up to the Amazon Servers. The normal data compression rates range between 10% (on already compressed data such as jpeg images, movies, etc.) to 90% (on textual uncompressed data such as Docs, Presentations, PDFs, E-Mail, etc.). On an average you can expect at least 50% compression rate considering different data types being backed up. So if you have 1 GB of original data, you can expect it to be stored as 0.50 GB in the backup server. Since we charge you $0.90 per GB per month on actual storage utilized the cost of storage based on original data size is closer to $0.45 cents per GB. That is a savings of 50% on storage costs.

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