Produce accurate reports:

They produce accurate reports of the amount of visitors/patrons who enter the library on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

Proof of labor, budget, and service requests:

This information can then act as a foundation for the libraries labor, budget, and service requests while combating increasing financial pressure.

Maintain itself as a reliable community resource:

And by achieving adequate staffing, funding and resource, a library can better support its community and maintain itself as a reliable community resource.

Provable Data for Government Funding

Increase the accuracy of data you are reporting to management and financial funding committees. Get the necessary grants and government funding for your library by proving the number of visitors you have. In fact, prove that usage has increased, even if circulation is down!

Separate Adult & Child Count

We count adults and children separately. By doing so we enable you to get a true understanding of your visitor base and how they use your library.

Compare Traffic between Locations.

Learn which entrances are used most and which rooms and times are the busiest. With this knowledge, accurately guide the placement and timing of cafes, refreshments, kiosks, exhibits, guest speakers, study groups, etc.

Heat Mapping

With “dwell” data, libraries can develop concrete evidence of their visitors browsing behavior. Moreover, they can find the best and worst places for their book and media displays. Which means they can improve those displays that are lacking, by making them more accessible or placing more effective and efficient signs.


Optimize Operational Hours

In the event of financial difficulty, head counting can help staff and boards determine if the correct operations hours are being used and if certain operating hours during the week can be trimmed back.

Monitor Popularity of Special Programs

Evaluate the effectiveness of your fundraisers or other special events according to how much footfall they attract and to which zones.

Optimize Staffing

Eliminate the burden of head counting for your staff. But also determine high traffic areas and allocate your staff accordingly. In fact, increase and decrease the number of staff according to amount of visitors on a daily, weekly basis.

Be Better Informed

Accurate people counts are also a way for libraries to increase their awareness of how many people are using services but not checking out material.

Assess Effectiveness of Marketing Activities

Establish performance benchmarks accordingly.


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