NSU provides world-class business and information technology (IT) consulting, with expertise derived from years of working with varied clients in diverse environments.  The primary consulting types we offer are:

  1. Information Technology (IT) Consulting
  2. ERP/CRM Systems Consulting
  3. Business Consulting

NSU can provide consulting of any one type for a specific project, with laser focus on a specific goal. But in reality, these functional areas typically overlap and blend together (by their nature), so we prefer to provide what we call “holistic” consulting, comprised of more than one type.  We will offer guidance and involvement in multiple areas of your business, where it is needed and most beneficial. At the core of our consulting practice, and in keeping with the best (and most profitable) attributes of today’s socialized, digitized world, NSU will work with you to interact, interconnect, cross-pollinate, cross-sell and up-sell to your fans and customers.

NSU Services to complete your Solution:
Implementation, Customization/Modification, Programming, Application Development & Integration(s), Training (management “train-the-trainer” & hands-on), and Support (as-needed/break/fix), System Optimization/Evolution, Strategic IT Planning, and our famous Real-IT Check service.