Server Backup and Recovery

Daily occurrences such as power surges, wrong patches, viruses or human error can bring critical systems down and impact business. Even with careful planning and redundant systems, occasionally a critical system and its data will be lost or corrupt to a point where a complete rebuild is required. Unfortunately, traditional application data protection solutions protect vital data but do not protect enough to enable rapid disaster recovery.


Disk Image Backup

Disk Image Backup

Bare Metal Restore

Bare Metal Restore

NSU is based on leading disk imaging and bare metal restore technologies, it can fast restore in minutes the contents of entire hard drive, including the operating system, network, system settings, applications and data. It automates the recovery and migration of servers from physical servers to all major virtual machine platforms or from one virtualization platform to other in real-time.

NSU Server Backup software is a complete and affordable data protection and disaster recovery solution specifically designed for Managed Service Providers, enabling them to offer backup and recovery services. With broad support for multiple server applications, operating systems, and storage devices, NSU’s Server Backup solution provides the best automated windows backup and linux backup software to manage your entire backup strategy. NSU Server Backup combines the best of both worlds, with high performance and ease of use across systems without complexities in licensing and administration.

Online Backup | Disaster Recovery | Remote Backup | Cloud Backup

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