Cloud & Mobile Services


Online Healthcheck System

With its superior healthcheck prevention system, if no counting report has been transferred from a V-Count site, detects the situation and sends the customer and the integrator an email regarding the situation and helps online until the problem is solved.

Line Chart Analysis

You can investigate the details of different locations as line chart graphs for hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Pie Chart Analysis

A retail chain can easily analyse the proportion of individual stores to the total visitor traffic in a pie chart graph. A shopping mall can easily analyse which of its doors have the highest amount of traffic by looking at the pie charts. A shopping mall or retail chain can create advertising campaings or events to boost up customer traffic by analysing this valuable data.

Store Performance Analysis

V-Count Cloud System, allows you to easily investigate and analyse every individual stores visitor traffic, revenue ratio, customer / visitor ratio , revenue / visitor ratio and average basket size of a visitor. It lists the best performing and least performing stores with one click. You can compare the performances of different stores with each other. You can compare the performances of different time periods of an individual store and by this data you can reveal the real cause of change in visitor traffic. Reporting tool will tell you whether it is caused by location effect, salesman performance or the change of the dressing of a shop a window and give you advises on how to boost your traffic under your special circumstances.

Selecting Stores on a Map

You can choose the stores and shopping malls you want to compare on a map without losing no time. By this way you can compare your stores in US region to EU and EMEA region and investigate the local effects of your advertisements and campaigns.

You can also group your stores as shopping mall stores, street stores, metropolitan stores, rural stores, stores over 100msq,stores under 100msq. By this detailed grouping method you can reveal deep insights about your business that you have never seen before, you can design your new ad campaings more targeted and more result-driven by these valuable data and thus you can turn these information to real profits in your business.

Adding Events and Comparing Events

With this feature you can mark your discount days, tv ads, newspaper and billboard ads, in one screen and monitor and compare the conversion of these special campaigns to visitor traffic.

You can compare the visitor traffic of this years valentines day to the previous years traffic and take precautions to boost up your traffic. You can monitor the effect of your ad campaigns and combine with the store grouping option, you can measure which kind of ads are effective in a certain kind of stores.

While your social media campaigns are effective in in your visitor traffic in İstanbul area, newspaper ads can be much more effective in other areas.

System Features

With V-Count V-Count Cloud system, you can store your valuable data ( such as visitor traffic, revenues and sales), encrypted and backed up in 3 different data storage locations around the globe for free. If you ever encounter an undesirable disaster that causes you to lose your data, V-Count’s automatic data recovery feature will restore your backed up data easily.

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