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By measuring your visitor traffic, you can evaluate your marketing efforts and other factors affecting your sales. This will enable you to make well-informed business decisions as to how to boost your sales with the optimum marketing budget.


Leading the World with V-Count People Counting Technologies

We develop and design the software and hardware of all our people counting solutions in house. This gives us full optimization compatibility in all levels between our software and hardware, placing our People Counting Technologies ahead of our competitors, and allowing us to guarantee the best possible outcome with all our solutions.

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People Counting

V-Count people counting systems are installed in over 11,000 locations globally, most of which are based within the retail industry. This is because we help retail stores calculate their conversion rates, measure their store performances, analyze their marketing and in store effectiveness and much more, all by introducing them to accurate visitor foot fall data.

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People Counting for Retailers

People Counter for Shopping Malls

Mall operators need to track people traffic in order to substantiate the exact value of their spaces. Our people counting technology provides mall operators with information that will make sure they utilize each space to its maximum potential and guide them when setting the optimum rent for each property.

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People Counter for Shopping Malls

Counting people in libraries delivers valuable data about footfall that can act as a foundation for the libraries labor, budget, and service requests while combating increasing financial pressures. It has become a vital tool to collect provable data for government findings.

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People Counters for Libraries


As it has done for hundreds of retailers.

  • People Counting & Conversion
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