Bare Metal Restore

NSU Disk Backup protects your Windows server systems and data in real time by combining NSU BMR disk imaging technology and NSU Block Tracking Technology to capture only the delta changes that has occurred on your system after the first full disk image backup and its automerge capabilities ensures rapid recovery from it’s latest merged VHD. NSU’s comprehensive Bare Metal Restore capabilities ensures recovery of your crashed computer to an earlier state without losing data and reinstalling and reconfiguring your programs

StoreGrids Bare Metal Restore

  • User first creates a base system point in time image through NSU Disk Backup and enables “Incremental Protection” for desired partitions(s).
  • NSU Disk backup lets you run a virtual machine (VM) directly from these image backup file.
  • This image can either be deployed onto multiple virtual environments such as Microsoft Hyper-V, Oracle VirtualBox and Microsoft Virtual Server. Alternately, user can perform P2P conversion to deploy as these backup images as VMware ESX VMs.
  • NSU`s Block Tracker continuously keeps track of all the block changes that are taking place in your system once “Incremental Protection” has been enabled. Each NSU Recovery PiT incremental backup is a fraction of the original volume size, because it only keeps track of the changes that are made to a volume.
  • At scheduled backup window interval, data from changed blocks are grabbed which are either transferred to the backup server
  • In a DR scenario, given a NSU backup set you just select a volume or disk and the point-in-time incremental images to which you want your system to be restored. All the delta changes till the specified point-in-time are automatically consolidated to the base image.
  • Power on your virtual machine in a virtual world and you have just recovered from a disaster, all in minutes, not hours.

Disk Image Backup and Bare-Metal Restore | Disk Image Backup

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