Disk Image Backup

The NSU Disk Backup can incrementally stream backups and fast restore a complete system with instant P2V support. By combining any online backup solution with near-continuous disk imaging backup, online backup vendors and MSPs can offer SMB businesses protection by seamlessly restoring entire Windows server environment in the cloud.

StoreGrid Disk Image Backup

For the full backup, all the blocks of data of the selected volume is backed up as a VHD image to the target location which runs a NSU Server installation. In the client location, the NSU client agent has options to compress and encrypt the volumes of data to be backed up saving bandwidth and time while transferring the volume of data.

StoreGrids Disk Image Incremental Backup

In the incremental backup, the blocks that have been changed since the previous backup only will be backed up. In the image, the red colored blocks are changed since the last backup, and hence only those blocks will be backed up during the incremental backup.

StoreGrids Disk Image Incremental Backup

In subsequent incremental also, only the changed blocks of data are backed up. In the image, the blue colored blocks are the modified blocks and are backed up during the 2nd incremental.

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