CRM made simple? …that’s SugarCRM!! 

In 2011, NetsupportUSA joined the rabid ranks of SugarCRM resellers and certified, authorized partners…  Why? Because we did our careful research (just like you should), and discovered that SugarCRM is the best customer relationship management (CRM), sales force automation (SFA) and marketing solution out there, based on functionality, flexibility, usability AND PRICE!!

New SugarCRM v6.5 is already getting rave reviews as an improved, easier-to-use, more powerful CRM solution, with even more thoughtful, intuitive features!

Oh, and did we mention SugarCRM is integrated with numerous social media and web-based marketing tools, ERP and other business/enterprise software systems?  🙂

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Glowing Review of SugarCRM (eWeek):

“SugarCRM Gets It Right! CRM Software isn’t child’s play, but Sugar Enterprise proves oddly comforting.”
Customer-relationship management software – thankfully referred to as CRM in casual conversation – is the sort of tool that you didn’t know you needed until you tried to work without it.  […]
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