‘Brick-level’ Exchange Mailbox Backup

NSU’s Exchange Mailbox backup provides a granular level backup and recovery of individual mailboxes or even a single mail using the Exchange mailbox plugin to extract individual mailbox/folders into separate .pst files.The individual emails can.be restored to the Exchange Server from their pst files thereby shortening backup window and reducing recovery time

Key Features:

  • Backup MS Exchange Mailbox in 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010
  • Granular mailbox backup of user’s mailbox, folder or sub-folder data
  • Provides an optional granular facility to do selective restore
  • Option to dump and upload in parallel in case dump location has limited space
  • Allows an easy way for critical mailboxes to be backed up

In the above diagram, the Exchange Mailbox Plugin backup uses the MAPI to backup users’ Mailbox folders. In the Exchange Mailbox backup, the data (mailbox, folder or sub-folder) is extracted from the Exchange Server into *.PST files. The extracted .PST files are encrypted and then transferred to the backup server. Any modifications made to the mailbox content is automatically backed up in the incremental.

Exchange Backup & Recovery | Backup Exchange Server

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