Microsoft Exchange Backup and Recovery

NSU for Microsoft Exchange delivers rapid granular recovery of information stores, specific user mailboxes, email messages, shared folders from point-in-time Exchange backups. NSU Exchange Server Backup Software gives you the ability to be ready and worry-free when disaster strikes, whatever the cause at a price and performance point that is attractive to SMBs.


Exchange Server Backup

Exchange Server Backup

Exchange Mailbox Backup

Exchange Mailbox Backup

Exchange Restore

Exchange Restore

Key Features:

  • Supports fast backup and rapid recovery of Exchange 2000 2003 2007 2010
  • Backup mailboxes or public folders or entire infromation store or sub folders
  • Support near continuous data protection by backing up Exchange transaction logs
  • Supports multiple options to recovery mailbox, single mail message or entire infomation store
  • Schedule full and incremetnal exchange backups using easy-to-use management console
  • Delivers Bare metal restore when combined with NSU Disk Backup Plug-in

Microsoft Exchange Server Backup

NSU provides fast and easy backup of Microsoft Exchange servers, Storage Groups in entirety, as well as individual databases within the storage groups using its integrated Exchange Server Plugin.
NSU’s extends its Exchange Server backup capabilities in all versions of Microsoft Exchange –
2000/2003/2007/2010.      Read more..

Exchange Mailbox Backup

NSU Exchange Mailbox Backup backs up users’ mailboxes at a folder level. Mailbox Backup allows ‘brick level’ restore and simplified recovery of a few mails or a specific user’s mailbox. NSU Exchange Mailbox Plugin extracts user’s mailbox, folder or sub folder data into separate PST files for a more granular recovery.     Read more..

Exchange Backup Server | Exchange Mailbox Backup

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