Shopping Malls


Shopping Malls

For shopping malls one of the most important success factors is increasing the number of visitors of the mall. By measuring and optimizing the marketing campaigns, increasing the number of visitors of a mall is much easier.

Another very important role for mall operators is delivering shoppers to their retail tenants. Rent of each shop may be dependent on the number of shoppers passing by the shop or entering the shop. By measuring each stores traffic conversion ratio of each tenant can be optimized.

The role and contribution of each space in the mall is also very important to the mall operator. Traffic of food courts, cinemas, terraces, fitness centers, corridors and elevators is vital to their operation so it should be measured and optimized.

Labor allocation can also be optimized by people traffic data. Maintenance and cleaning staff can be optimized by measuring the traffic of corridors, levels and the mall entrances.

V-Count’s fully automatic people counting system your advantages will be:

  • Reliable counting data
  • Very easy installation and calibration
  • With 3G GSM option, no need for cabling for hard to install locations
  • Up to 3 years of internal data storage
  • Easy to use yet comprehensive reporting options
  • Automatic mails and reports customized for different business units
  • Full data storage safety with automatic backups and encryption


We develop our own people counting sensors in hardware and software. We ensure maximum counting performance by creating our own devices, installing and calibrating the devices with our own professional team. We guarantee 95% daily average accuracy and 90% minimum accuracy.

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