Disaster Recovery

NSU offers the most cost-effective backup & disaster recover solution for small and medium sized businesses that can recover complete system & application from a block-level to an individual file locally and across the WAN in minutes. We built NSU to unlock the new data protection and disaster recovery paradigm for partner all over the world who want to offer this BDR solution to their SMB customers. NSU also offers additional functionality and benefits, including virtual recovery that lets you run a VM directly from the backup file in your production environment or in an isolated test environments.

Feature Benefit
High Performance Backup A cross-platform and high performance backup and recovery software with broad operating system and virtual server platformsupport
Bare Metal Recoveries Cost-effective and rapid disaster recovery to similar & dissimilar hardware. Also, support P2V, V2V for VMware, Hyper-V based VMs for virtual recovery purposes
Built-in Offsite Backup & Replication Replicate multiple point-in-time backups across WAN to another remote locations for offsite backup and disaster recovery purposes
Multiple Virtual Platform support Supports all virtual platform including Microsoft Hyper-V, Oracle Virtual Box, VMware VSphere and ESX, ESXi.
Backup Verification Performing virtual recovery, you can verify if the backup image is proper by mounting the image as virtual hard disk or run a VM directly from the backup file in test environments.
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