Who should use V-Count?

Retail Stores, Shopping Malls, Clubs, Cinemas, Libraries, Hospitals, Banks, Grocery Stores, Pharmacy Stores, Operas, Government Buildings, Sports Events, Art Events, Stadiums, Galleries, Billboards, ATMs, Parks, Airports, Ports, Bus-stops, Railways etc.. V-Count can add you productivity and profits regardless of what your company or organization is doing….

Why do I need counting?

“If you can’t measure it, you cannot fix it.” Only by measuring your traffic data, you can measure your marketing efforts or other factors affect traffic. And only by this way, you can measure the sales performance of your stores.. You can measure the conversion rate of your store, which means how many visitors turn into customers. You can analyze the sales performance of your instore sales team, effect of the store location, instore design, marketing efforts, special day, weekend performances and even how should you discount prices %50 off on second item or %30 off in all items? V-Count has also very extended features you can benefit from. Please have a look at our list of features here.

 Does V-Count count 1 way or 2 way traffic?

2 way. You can watch how V-Count counts by watching these videos.

 Can it distinguish between cats, dogs, cyclists?


 Can it detect faces?

No. The device is looking downward so sees only on top of people.

 Can it discriminate between males and females, or can it tell the age of the customer?

No. The device is looking downward so sees only on top of people.

 Can I install V-Count myself?

Yes, we provide you easy to understand user manuals. It is very practical to install V-Count. if you need help, we help you online with your calibration and installation through Skype face to face until everything works perfect.

Where do I install V-Count?

You have to install V-Count at ceilings over doors where you want to count. The device has to be put camera lens looking directly downwards.

Which heights can I use V-Count at?

From 2.4m to 15m. We use 3 lens options with 2.2mm 3.6mm 6.0mm for different heights for maximum performance. You can refer to this pdf for more information. Door Height

 I have a very very wide door. Can I count it with one V-Count?

V-Count sees 1:1 , i.e. it sees 3 meter in width if it is mounted on 3 meters. If mounted on a 5m height it sees 5 meter in width. If your door is lets say 10 meters in width but 5 meters in height, you can use 2 V-count side by side. If you have very long doors or even no doors like an open area, you can add infinite number of V-Counts side by side. Please refer to this Door Height for more information.

What is the accuracy?

In ideal cases V-Count counts with 95% accuracy. Even in conditions where shadows and lighting are extreme V-Count counts over 90% accuracy on daily average.

Can I get traffic results on my mobile?

Yes, cloud.v-count.com supports all mobile phones, pc’s and macs. You can give it a try right now by signing up cloud.v-count.com as a guest user.

Can I get auto-weekly reports?

Yes, you can set your reports to multiple emails and multiple graphical options. So that you can get different type of reports on daily, weekly, monthly basis, delivered to different people (CEO Reports, Project Manager Reports, Analysts Report etc.)

Can it distinguish between children and shopping carts?

Yes, we have special parameters to differentiate between adults, children, shopping carts and bags.

Can the device handle people going side by side, or in a group, or in a chaotic and crowded manner?

We have special algorithms to discriminate people from each other and track them successfully. That’s why we count very robustly and stable in any environment.

After physical installation what should I do?

After mounting the device, plug in the network and power adapter. And you can now connect it via web browser. After 5 minutes of IP and calibration settings your V-Count has already started counting and sending data to cloud.v-count.com and you are ready to log in and see your results!

Can I see multiple entrance doors of my store together?

Yes, with simple settings, you can see a list of all your stores, doors between a store and much more. Sign up for cloud.v-count.com as a guest user to see more.

What if I unplug a network cable? Does V-Count still count?

Yes, as long as there is power V-Count will count and store the traffic data up to 3 years! After network cable is plugged again, V-Count automatically synchronizes your data with cloud.v-count.com servers in seconds.

What is the pricing? I want to buy V-Count directly.

Please ask for a quote for your country, from the contact us dialog in ‘How to Buy’ section.And If you find a distributor that is close to you, you may contact them directly. If not for any reason, you can always directly connect us with the contact us dialog.

Why should I buy a camera people counting system?

Because beam sensors cannot count people going side by side, or in groups. They can only count by 50%-60% accuracy in crowded situations or weekends. So beam sensor systems are the wrong products to buy. V-Count counts with 90-95% accuracy even in crowded situations. We have won lots of clients by proving their beam sensor system does not work well by doing a demo with V-Count right by side with their counting system. In all of our demos, we and our customers analysed hours and days of data and found that V-Count counts much more superior to the beam sensor, in all crowded situations.

Why should I buy an embedded camera people counting system like V-Count but not a PC software + IP camera based system?

If people counting software is run on a client pc and IP cameras are used, system has one more point of failure. There can always be situations that remote softwares can not connect to IP cameras. This PC in stores could be shared by cashiers. These PC will be accessible by store personnel or cleaners. And bandwidth is also another drawback of these systems. If due to a bandwidth drop IP cameras can not stream fast enough, counting stops. So in general these kinds of systems ( IP camera + software on PC ) contain one more point of failure and resulting in system down times. Embedded systems have processor + camera+ embedded software all built in a box, so they don’t have the above risks.

Why should I buy V-Count, not the other products in the market?

V-Count is a proven technology used by many brands in the world. V-Count has the best performance / price in the global market. We have a very good counting accuracy as well as our prices are more affordable than the average camera based people counting industry. We give you updates on firmware and on cloud.v-count.com for free. So you can have always new reporting features published weekly or monthly automatically.

Why should I buy V-Count but not a product that has software installed inside a global camera brand ?

Common IP cameras does not have the necessary computing power to handle people counting in all conditions. They are limited because they are not designed to process high level vision algorithms. However, V-Count has very strong DSP and ARM processors that allow a great deal of patent pending algorithms are running to overcome very difficult shadow and lighting situations as well as discriminating between people, children and shopping carts with high performance.

Do you have stock? What is the delivery time?

We have stock. After your purchase, we deliver right to your door globally in 4-5 business days with Fed-Ex.

How can I get support?

You can get the fastest support by mailing support@v-count.com directly. We respond you fast and can give you support over Skype, phone or by connecting to your computers and V-Count devices remotely.

What is your guarantee?

We have a 1 year international guarantee. We change any device immediately in case of any problems.

Do you have API, how can we do software integration with your counting data?

Yes, we have an api. You can get all your counting results from our servers, safe, fast and easily through our api .


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