Disk Image Backup and Bare-Metal Restore

The Business Challenge

Daily occurrences such as power surges, wrong patches, viruses, human error or other causes can bring critical systems down and impact business. Careful planning requires redundant systems at local or second site to deal with such outages. Unfortunately, SMBs cannot justify setting up a second site due to costs of real-estate, equipment and expertise. Online backup vendors and MSPs can give affordable protection to millions of SMBs using NSU combined with any online backup solution.

NSU as a solution

StoreGrids Bare Metal Restore

NSU delivers continuous incremental backup of complete live systems to a local or remote online data center. In case any disaster brings customer servers down, restore remotely within minutes from any point-in-time (PIT) incremental to a hardware independent physical or virtual server either local or at remote data center. NSU provides complete automated backup management with synthetic automerge by consolidating the versions to give you the latest merged VHD file for easy and instant restores.


Disk Image Backup

Disk Image Backup

Bare Metal Restore

Bare Metal Restore

— Live Backups

Backup the entire system at run-time and ensure the recovery of operating system and applications can be done without reinstalling any software.
— Disk Cloning
Create disk clones of your entire hard disk and replace it with a new one without reinstalling operating systems and applications, saving hours of effort.
— Disaster Recovery
In the event of unplanned downtime, you ensure that the server is available to the end-user with NSU virtualized backups.
— Smart P2V
You can create multiple recovery points created within a few minutes of each other when using a Smart P2V in NSU.
— Disaster Prevention
IT service providers can test changes on a backup image-level replica of the client’s production server in their virtual lab.
— Business Continuity
With NSU near-continuous solution, you can failover your client’s entire Windows server environment in the event of a server failure.
— Save Storage
Synthetic AutoMerge saves time and space requirements by auto merging volume changes periodically on top of existing full/synthetic backups.
 Disk Image Backup | Bare Metal Restore
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