Every 60 seconds on the Internet…

At NetSupport USA (NSU), we like to observe life and business on the Internet, as it changes, evolves (and devolves?) daily. As individuals, we are participants in the online community: reading, commenting, sharing, posting, just like you.

As consultants and businesspeople, we strive to sift through, find and filter out the meaningful ideas, numbers and trends, which we use to develop business strategies and solutions for our clients.  NSU helps our clients to grow by taking full advantage of Internet-based business, commerce and marketing tools, combined with on-premise and in-person (still need direct, human interaction!) services, for the best possible results.

Any business engaging only in one or the other approach – instead of BOTH – is making a mistake…  But, to boggle your mind and confirm the sheer volume of activity and interaction that is now taking place online EVERY 60 SECONDS, check out this article with two excellent graphics from BusinessInsider.com:


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